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Published: 13th August 2012
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LEGO have just crafted one of their, I really believe, very best ranges of LEGO, let me introduce you to the brand spanking new LEGO Lord of the Rings.

Initially they have created seven sets for their launch and I'm fairly sure they will follow up in a few months with a whole new batch because these first seven LEGO sets are absolutely stonking!

I've been a Tolkien and Lord of the Rings fan since my younger years when my dad read the Hobbit to me, a magical world was opened up to me and now.. lots of years later… LEGO have merged two of my favourite things together, LEGO and the Lord of the Rings into a cracking range of toys.

Starting with the cheapest through to the most expensive set, I'm going to tell you a little bit more about each set as we go through the article.

1. Gandalf Arrives - LEGO set no 9469

The smallest of the new Lord of the Rings LEGO sets is the one featuring Gandalf and Frodo Baggins. Fans of the film will instantly recognise Gandalf's cart which is stuffed full of fireworks for Bilbo's party. This set is perfect for a present as its not too expensive and its a great way to introduce children into the wonderful world of Middle Earth. As well as the two LEGO Minifigures you also get a LEGO horse to pull Gandalf's cart so he gets to Baggend in time for the festivities.

2. Shelob Attacks - LEGO set no 9470

Next up is a set definitely not for people who don't like spiders! Shelob is the horrible giant spider who lives to kill… anything and anyone and Gollum has just brought her some juicy fat Hobbits. This LEGO Lord of the Rings Shelob Attacks set has got to be one of the best LEGO creatures they have ever made, she looks so realistic which is sometimes hard to archive with the confines of the LEGO system, but I have to say the managed it, Shelob is mighty fine. In this set as well as Shelob you get a LEGO Gollum, Frodo and Sam, who are complete with Frodo's ring, Sam's light of Earendil and Gollum's Fish. In the box you also get a little bit of Shelobs lair, it really is a little bit but you can't grumble as the quality of Shelob more than makes up for it.

3. Uruk-hai Army - LEGO set no 9471

Now we are talking, the Uruk-hai for me are one of the best visual creations of the adaptation of the book, The Lord of the Rings. They are so flipping evil its untrue, imagine meeting one of them on a dark night…. flipping heck. This set is the smaller of the two Helm's Deep themed sets and if you have them both the castle sections can be clipped together to make a super sized castle. In this smaller but no less wicked set you get six LEGO Minifigures, including, Eomer, a Rohan Rider and four seriously evil looking Uruk-hai. There are also loads of weapons and even a huge Uruk-hai Catapult that look just like the ones used in the film, brilliant.

4. Attack on Weathertop - LEGO set no 9472

The attack on Weathertop is when Frodo first uses the Ring and realises what a bad, bad situation he is in with a horde of Ringwaiths hot on his heals, thankfully Aragon is there to help him out. In this LEGO Lord of the Rings set you get a brilliant recreation of Weathertop the ruined tower of the olden days that the Hobbits decided to camp on, little did they realise that their campfire would be seen and put them in mortal danger. Coming with Weathertop you also get five proper nice LEGO Minifigures and two black riders horses, Aragorn, Frodo and Merry are included along with two half dead Ringwaiths who are intent on getting their masters ring back. You also get a load of accessories so you can fully recreate the scene from the film yourself.

5. The Mines of Moria - LEGO set no 9473

One of the biggest battles in the Fellowship of the Ring is the battle that rages in Mines of Moria, all caused by a careless Hobbit! In the Tomb of Balin they find out what happened to all the dwarfs and also who lives there now… As the door explodes a mighty Cave Troll and a horde of Orcs attack the Fellowship. In this LEGO Lord of The Rings set you get to recreate loads of the scenes from this brilliant battle, making your own Mines of Moria set. Not only do you get six LEGO Minifigures, including Pippin, Boromir, Gimli, Legolas and two Moria Orcs you also get a massive Cave Troll to create havoc.

6. The Battle of Helm's Deep - LEGO set no 9474

This is the biggest set in the new Lord of the Rings LEGO range and its a beauty. The Battle of Helm's Deep set is a fantastic recreation of the battle scene from the film. Coming with oodles of pieces and when put together they make a brilliant keep, I think you call it, castle? anyway there are enough parts in the box to make this stunning building that looks the part well and truly. You get eight LEGO Lord of the Rings Minifigs, which include King Theoden, Haldir, Gimli and Aragorn, oh and not forgetting four wicked Uruk-hai figures too. It comes with loads of accessories, including a horse and a ladder for storming the walls! A great big present gift for a LEGO fan in your life.

7. The Orc Forge - LEGO set no 9476

My final set in this LEGO Lord of the Rings round up is the Orc Forge, a brutal model of the forge created by the Isengard Orcs under the Isengard tower of Saruman. He is creating an army and he needs weapons for his Uruk-hai creations. This set has loads of accessories and nice details, a great addiction to your LOTR's collection. Coming with four LEGO Minifigures the brilliant Lurtz another Uruk-hai warrior and two Mordor Orcs complete with an array of Weapons.


I hope I've managed to help you learn a little bit more about the new LEGO Lord of The Rings sets and if you want to know more check out my site in the link below.


Simon Houghton is a Dad who runs and he enjoys helping you find fantastical toys for your children and is utterly addicted to toys, specifically LEGO. Find out more about the new LEGO LOTR's and we have loads of other cool toys too!

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